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Master Post

Well...Lessee :)

Thought I'd get all fancy on you guys and make a fanfic Master Post. How does that sound? That way you can find all of my comment fics in one little post....I'm totally planning on doing more, btw! <3

Master PostCollapse )

Sherlock 100 Table

So. I saw this table and thought it was pretty neat. I signed up on the comm to participate, but it looks like the mod hasn't actually added anyone since January...And technically you aren't allowed to add to that forum until you get your own tag etc. So, I guess I'm just doing this for fun!

But the Sherlock 100 Comm is HERE

I've gotten really good at coding, btw. Mostly basic, stuff. But I get really excited when I don't even have to turn Rich Text on...With this table, however, it had funny glitches in HTML so I wasn't able to do it the old fashioned way *pouts* WELL, Author needs to stop talking now...

031.Sunrise.032.Sunset.033.Too Much.034.Not Enough.035.Sixth Sense.
091.Birthday.092.Christmas.093.Thanksgiving.094.Independence.095.New Year.
096.Writer‘s Choice.097.Writer‘s Choice.098.Writer‘s Choice.099.Writer‘s Choice.100.Writer‘s Choice.

Fic: A Well Kept Secret Book One--Lestrade

Title: A Well Kept Secret
Warnings:ANGST. Lots of ANGST.
Prompt: 51. Arranged Marriage AU ***Stolen from the kink meme!!***:

When Lestrade was young, he was married off to a guy named Holmes. But they have never actually met each other in person, but they exchanged rings and all that. The reason they couldn't meet was that Mycroft was a spy, and he had to hide for years, and the Holmes family was afraid that if they told them that his son was actually a spy and now was in constant danger, they would break off the marriage, they just told them he was sick or something. Lestrade kept waiting and waiting. until he decided to move on and become a cop. When Mycroft came back he realizes Lestrade had already moved on with his life. he couldn't dare contact him, but didn't want a divorce either. So instead he started watching him from afar. Then many years later for some coincidence, Sherlock starts working with Lestrade.. One day John finds out Lestrade is married to a guy named
"Mycroft Holmes" and seriously how many Mycroft Holmes would be out there? So John instantly realizes the two are married. "Come on, you deserve some beer!" - "No. I can't
drink. I have to drive." "Then why don't you call Mycroft. I am sure he can send someone at least. You know he has that car and that PA. Actually he's kidnapped me once." -"What?! You know Mycroft? I've never seen him actually?" So after years of separation, they finally meet each other....... "So.. You.. are.. my husband then?"

Summary: Gregory Lestrade had a ring on his finger--but he wasn't married. He felt like it, most days, but if he was married, maybe then he could get a divorce. Most marriages, however, didn't involve some sort of permanent mystical tie between two people. His did. That made things a bit more complicated.

Author's/Artist's Notes: My Beta/cheerleader was blue_eyed_1987 and the crap she put up with...:) She’s my hero! She brit-picked this entire monster, went along with me writing the beginning, then the end, then finally the middle, helped me with research whenever I got something wrong (which was often) and nagged me back to bed at all hours <3 Thank you muchly! Oh, and also? I uh...Might have tweaked the prompt more than a little bit...

Book One--LestradeCollapse )

The Holidays

I'm thinking about doing Christmas/Holiday/Solstice(insert choice here) cards this year.

But as I am not the most creative person I know...

Whatcha think about drabbles included (so I don't hafta get fancy with the card itself? :D)

Rec Journal


I read so bloody much that I just figured I'd share what I read with others. You know, when you're at preschool or kindergarten the teachers always say "You have to share" so here I am. Sharing. Aren't I so nice?


At this particular moment in time I only have one rec posted (Though I might post a second by the end of the night) and I don't really recommend expecting one every single day or updates with punctual regularity...But I can guarantee that I'll post anything that was well written, engaging, and had me hooked from beginning until end. I can't promise that it will always be Sherlock....

But everyone needs to get out of the box, every now and again ;)

Also? If you don't feel like waiting, if you look to the left


There is a link to my Delicious account which has bookmarked all those pesky fics on the comment board (WIPs) that I couldn't follow by tagging (until I recently got a paid account) and some amazing FINISHED fics that I really enjoyed. Most of the bookmarks are Star Trek or Sherlock (I think Sherlock might win) but there are also NCIS, Merlin, Sentinel, SGA, House....Well, lots, let's just put it that way <3

I'm still debating about whether to post fic length or not (that is iffy since not every author posts that...) so if you have an opinion, let me know!

Also, if you have a rec for me feel free to post something here. I'll read it and then wibble about it ;)

Title: the art of getting by (isn't so artsy at all)
Warnings: Asexual!Sherlock, dubcon kissing
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Wordcount: 6500
Rating: Gen
Summary: “He's treating things like they're normal! Things are not normal.” Sherlock drags his hands from his mussed up hair and covers his face. “You aren't helping much,” he mumbles into his palms. “I hope you know that.”

The skull only grins from his perch and says not a word.

“Really, you're supposed to do more than just—sit there.”

“Yes,” he says slowly, patiently, to the girl everyone calls the hottest in his form. “But why would one want to insert their tongue into another’s mouth?”Collapse )

Crossposted to AO3 HERE

Update-ish thingy so-not-really

So uh, right.

Have I gotten anything accomplished really?

Not really.

Recently, this is what I have actually done:

1. I have read the trashiest Navy SEAL novel ever to be written in the history of trashy novels. EVAR. I enjoyed every minute of it (except for the crappy ending).

2. I have gone up the coast to visit my mum for two weeks (she bribed me by saying she would pay me to watch the counter for her in the family business. The same thing I do every time I visit. Except now I am getting paid).

3. I watch the counter for a grand total of 4 hours a day. Take a nap directly afterwords, and go to bed before 10. I am old.

4. Went to the beach. I am still scratching sand out of my scalp.

5. Have not taken a shower following trip to beach (which is less than a half mile away). I probably should. Eventually. Later.

6. I watched an old episode of Sherlock Holmes yesterday called "The Interpreter." It had Jeremy Brett in it. It was amazing and terrible at the same time. It was on cable and my family played it just for me. I love my family.

7. Read more fanfiction than any normal person should ever read. Including Merlin, Star Trek 2009, Star Trek TOS, NCIS, Sherlock BBC, Sherlock Holmes 2009, Sherlock Holmes ACD, The Sentinel, Star Gate Atlantis, and who knows what else when I haven't been paying attention. Oh, and that's only between now and last Saturday, just fyi. Oh wait, I read some sort of queer Smallville and Batman Begins crossover the other day, so I should probably mention that ;)

8. Avoided writing. Started a new story I should have never began. Or maybe two. depends.


1. A really interesting (IMO) take on the idea of Sherlock and John (from BBC) being soulmates destined for each other who meet in their dreams starting in early childhood. It's up to over 40 pages, I started it early this spring, and I haven't really touched it since the last time I got it back from the Beta sometime in April when my course load "got too heavy too work on it." I am well aware that is a poor excuse. I am still procrastinating (although I have done a minuscule amount of the research needed to move on and write more).

2. A story about an asexual but not aromantic Sherlock finding his "twoo wuv" with John. sapsapsapsapsapfluff. FINISHED

3. A sooper secret story about John being a hardcore submissive looking for love, gives up and invades Afghanistan but ends up living with Sherlock and trying to hide his proclivities (good luck with that, John) and (of course) finds his "twoo wuv" with Sherlock. Am I seeing a pattern here?

4. A sequel to my Djinn!Sherlock Story Dandelion Wishes (that has no foreseeable end in sight, so far. It also appears to be an accumulation of drabbles).

5. I have just started a fic for a Mystrade fest. I think I signed up for two fics. Goodness knows when I'll start the second or if I'll ever finish the first. But it's supposed to be about Mycroft and Lestrade getting engaged (and married) when Lestrade is very young, but never meeting because Mycroft is a super cool spy and it would be dangerous for them to see each other. But Lestrade becomes a cop so when Mycroft returns (this was a very involved prompt) he thinks the cop has moved on so he doesn't contact him. But John finds out that Lestrade is married to a "Mycroft Holmes" and how many of those could there be? So he lets the cat out of the bag and the two husbands finally meet......This might be a monster, and then I might kill myself.

6. I've been working on a Mystrade Stalking fic since April (give or take) for the comment boards. I posted some then haven't really done anything else since. It haunts my dreams.

7. Wrote a GAY! Beauty and the Beast fic for a Fest. In three days it got up to 24,000 words so I threw in the towel and only posted one chapter. I've been posting the rest here, but I made the mistake of sending the first chapter to my writing group and now our History major is deconstructing everything about it so I'm afraid to write anymore until she's finished making me fix it >.< I bought a paid account just to post it, too, because the ridiculously long chapters broke my wordcount limit. lol

8. I think I started writing a post-apocolypse/Zombie fic starring John while I was drunk somewhere on or near my 21st birthday a couple weeks ago. I am afraid to look at it.

9. Some sort of weird Sherlock is obsessed with John story that Part I of the BBCSherlockkink forum prompted me to do in oh....March? I wrote a few chapters then like, never looked at it again. Silly avoidant(sp? Might not be a word. It should be.) SM. Pull your head out of your ass.

10. A day in the life of me in the crazy family business. I haven't touched it since Spring Break. Shame. Or was it after then? It might have been the beginning of summer.

11. Uhm, I'm sure there's something else floating around somewhere. Like, somewhere >.<


1. A proper sequel (I just tried to write "sex-quel) to my Mad Hatter story about John in Won/Underland. Complete with a real case. HAH.

2. A sequel to my other Djinn!Sherlock story Remember Me. I'm sure we don't have to go over why that's humorous, what with my procrastination rate.

3. I just thought up a story (today) and it's a song-fic (lightning strike me down) based on the song "Little Lion Man." Guess who it stars? Yeah, John. I'm tempted to add in some animal play. I.e. John pretending to be a cat because he and Sherlock get off on it. Or they don't get off on it and it's just a comfort thing.

4. A Star Gate Atlantis fic. I've dreamt up so many prompts in the last week or two that I've let them all slide away so that I wouldn't get distracted (HAH), but one of these days one will slip through.

5. A Star Trek 2009 fic. Probably to do with Tarsus IV. Just kill me now.


6. Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe a sequel to my Siren fic? I can't remember what I called it but while in progress it was just Siren!Sherlock....

Remember Me--Sherlock/John

Title: Remember Me
Warnings: Angst?
Fandom: Sherlock BBC/American Gods Fusion
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Wordcount: About 3400
Rating: R
Prompt: Can be found HERE And yes, I filled the same prompt twice >.<
Summary: Before John went to Afghanistan, John didn't believe in djinni. In fact, he had no idea what they even were.
Authors Note: I actually wrote this at the same time as "Dandelion Wishes", but I figured that since they were following the (relatively) same topic, I would put some time in between their posts :) The main difference between these two, however, is that while the last Sherlock was suspiciously similar to Genie from Disney's Aladdin, I modeled this Sherlock off of the djinn who appears (very briefly) in American Gods. So I suppose this one is a bit more serious. Less humor and all that. Definitely not fluffy. I give credit to lizzlie who talked me out of my unfortunate decision to make John and Harry into Victorian orphans (dialogue-wise). But I take all the credit for whatever mistakes I made with their dialogue after she talked me out of that! ;)

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